November 2

News about COVID-19 and meeting together

Dear international guests, 

No special protective measures currently apply in Lower Saxony. (Status 01.07.2022). However: All services offered and described are always subject to the current regulations of the state of Lower Saxony or the district of Celle. Changes/restrictions are therefore also possible at short notice.

The current jurisdiction forces us to the following information

"Special regulations in connection with pandemics (in particular the Corona virus)":

1. the parties agree that the agreed travel services will always be provided by us as service provider in compliance with and in accordance with the official requirements and conditions applicable at the time of travel.

2. the person(s) traveling agrees to observe reasonable regulations or restrictions on use imposed by us as service provider when using travel services and to notify us immediately in the event of typical symptoms of illness occurring."

More information about entry to Germany here. Information provided by the German Foreign Office. Please keep in mind that each district in Germany may additionally have further regulations. If you have any questions, please let us know:

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