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Breakfast at the TraumzeitHof

Start your day with a good breakfast. We offer you a great breakfast buffet with best ingredients. 

We want to offer healthy and delicious food. The products we buy are produced as locally and sustainably as possible. If we buy ingredients ouside the EU (Coffee, tea, chocolate, bananas for example), we will buy organic and fairtrade products. 

Just enjoy...

All products are

➤   regional

➤   saisonal

➤   organic

*  Controlled ecological farming means: 

➤   No chemical or synthetic pesticides 

➤   No mineral nitrogen fertilizer

➤   Support of biodiversity

➤   No genetic engineering 

We don't use artificial flavours, preservatives or flavour enhancer!
We don't use any freezers and microwaves or anything like that.
All dishes are made fresh every day!

Our philosophy

➤  tasty and healthy
➤  regional products
➤  saisonal products
➤  sustainable goods
➤  fairtrade products
➤  international and german dishes
➤  always made fresh, every day!
➤  packed lunch available
➤  coffee- and tea specialities
➤  regional beers
➤  german and italian wines in organic quality

Our Philosophy

Dinner at the TraumzeitHof

You would like to have dinner? No problem! Our chef will cook for you fresh and tasty dishes on arrangement. The arrangement is necessary, please let us know if you would like to eat at our place - latest a day in advance. We don't use artificial favours, preservatives or flavour enhancer! We don't use any freezers and microwaves or anything like that. All dishes are made fresh on daily bases. We hope you will enjoy it.

Open Kitchen Cooking

The guestroom in our "New Country House" has an open kitchen. You can watch the chef preparing your dinner.

Dinner by arrangement with regional and as far as possible sustainably produced products, always delicious, always prepared fresh on the day, without preservatives and flavor enhancers, nothing off the shelf.

In the summer we offer a barbecue

"Grill evening TraumzeitHof" Fresh ciabatta & wholemeal bread (homemade), dips & garlic/garden herb butter (homemade), potato salad (according to great-grandma's family recipe), salad buffet, antipasti, dressing (homemade), 3 types of bratwurst, various types of meat, vegetables, barbecue sauces (all organic, all filling).

Offene Küche Chefkoch Zubereitung

A real delicacy:  fresh smoked Fisch from the nearby smoke house "Fischräucherei Aschauteiche" in Eschede. Smoked, marinated oder nature, for example fresh roasted salmon trout with heath-potatoes (Bioland).

We also suggest:

➤  heidjer potato soup

➤  colorful asian Wok

➤  homemade pizza

➤  original hungarian goulash

➤  asparagus dishes made of regional "heath-asparagus"

➤  italian menü

➤  we offer many daily specials. Please ask us.

➤  barbecue

Specialities at the TraumzeitHof

If we have good weather, we offer in summer a barbecue. We and all guests can meet in our garden and enjoy a great atmosphere. A variety of things will be offered at our barbecue buffet. All meats will be bought locally in Eschede from the organic producers "Marwede", "Hof Michael" and "Bioland-Schlachterei Linnewedel".