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History of our farmyard – 200 years of the foresters lodge on the TraumzeitHof

The farm has existed in its origin for several centuries. The present main building was erected in 1813 in the classic North German half-timbered farmhouse style. In the middle of the 19th century it was transformed into a forester's house (service establishment of the head forester) with agriculture. Until the 60s of the 20th century, the house served as the residence of the forester's family.

In 1991-1995, a comprehensive renovation and modernization of the building, which is now a listed monument, was carried out considering its building biology. First, the entire roof truss was removed and completely renewed. Wide dormers were built on both sides of the roof. This created so much space that seven spacious guest rooms could be set up on the upper floor. On the first floor you will find the reception, the fireplace with seating area, the house bar as well as the breakfast and recreation room. In 1993 the building was put under monument protection.

In 1996 a modern stable building in the historical half-timbered style was built next door. It offers enough space for up to 14 horses. All boxes are outside boxes, pasture areas are directly next to them. Another outbuilding houses a modern sauna with everything that goes with it.

In 2012, Christine and Jürgen Reimer move in with their "Europa-Kutsche" to the previously named "Reiterhof Dalle“. Now with the new name “TraumzeitHof“ (Farmhouse Dreamtime) they expand what the place has to offer and add additional services, modernizations, improvements and more comfort. Fire protection and safety facilities now meet current requirements. Via VDSL, fast Internet comes into the house and is available to all guests free of charge via Wifi.

In 2020, the "New Country House" was built, a guest house with large, ground-level, barrier-free nature suites (large comfort rooms) and a beautiful space for celebrations, seminars, food and drink. This building also fits harmoniously into the farm ensemble and stands in a place where it seems it has always belonged.

Today there are 10 comfortable rooms with 20 sleeping places available for the guests. 

Throughout the years of improvements and add ons the owners have always focussed on preserving the historic charm of the property!

So, today you can relax in a historical ambience combined with modern comfort. Enjoy a comfortable stay at the TraumzeitHof.

Some preserved contemporary documents can be seen in the following:

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