About us & our europe-carriage

Our journey

From bicycle-journalists to our project "Europa-Kutsche"

For almost 20 years we have been crisscrossing Europe by bicycle, pencil and camera, getting to know the diversity and beauty of this continent. As travel journalists by bicycle, we have recorded our experiences in numerous books and magazine articles and made them accessible to a wide audience. With our multimedia shows we took viewers on wonderful journeys. Many fans remained loyal to us for many years.

One of our special areas was the fascinating and extremely versatile river "Elbe". During one of our many journeys along this wonderful river we had the idea to travel like Goethe or Fontane once did. That's how the project „Europa-Kuscthe / Europe-Carriage“ was born: 6 months - 6.000 kilometres through 6 countries of Europe. A real trip of our dreams and an absolute adventure. This trip has gone down in the annals as a "world record trip". The initiative of the Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR television) for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records was not recorded due to animal protection reasons.


After that we have been on hundreds of rides for locals and tourists with our horses and carriages in our then homeland "Osteland". Large travel projects followed: NDR Christmas carriage, pianist's journey through time, coronation journey of George I, and many more:


Since 2012 we have found an idyllic home for us and our horses in the southern Lüneburg Heath (district of Celle). Our small country hotel TraumzeitHof welcomes today all who love peace and nature. Here you can also be with us "live" on the road on the very same Europa-Kutsche with a sensational three-meter viewing height and a truly extraordinary experience. For this extraordinary experience and other tours please visit the website above.


TraumzeitReisen and the course for riding carriages 

Travel and trial courses

Christine Reimer will guide you as a training instructor. She has long years of experience. And of course, harmony between horses and humans were always important to us. Our horses are calm and experienced.

Christine's training and sneak peek courses are available at

Traumzeithof Kutschfahrt im Sommer